Regular Skill Test Centre under National Skill Testing Board (NSTB)

In early 2012, NSTB has recognized JPS as a regular skill test center due to the efforts put forward by the institute in different trades like tailoring (level 1 and 2), building electrician (level 1 and 2), Mobile Phone Repair Technician (level 1 and 2), Dhaka Weaver (level 1 and 2), Beautician (level 1 and 2), Hand Embroidery (Level 1) and meeting the availability of enough infrastructure to conduct the skill test. Under the task, we are assigned to conduct skill test every year as per norms set by NSTB of interested participants who are experienced but lacking certificates for a minimal cost. So far, we have conducted skill test of 5000 youths by the end of January, 2018 as a regular skill test center.

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